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Tag your child into the simplified game with the UK’s exclusive provider of JagTag.
A boy throwing an American football.

What is JagTag?

JagTag is a simplified tag version of American football suitable for all abilities. Children learn key basic techniques of throwing, catching, evading and defending. Participants will also gradually learn and be challenged to create their own ‘play’ tactics. The game is designed to be up scaled with the more experience players get.

A boy throwing an American football in a game.

Benefits of JagTag

An american football surrounded by stars.

Allowing students to experience a brand new sport outside the mainstream.

An american football play that creates a correct tick shape.

A very easy sport to pick up and learn the basics.

A boy and a girl holding hands up in the air.

Designed to cater for children of all shapes and sizes.

Children in a team huddle.

Encourages students to work as a team and think tactically.

Reward Rows

Reward Rows encourages children to achieve personal, academic and physical achievements and avoid potential pitfalls of anti-social behaviour through a Jaguars-backed reward system. To date, 1,845 students have watched the Jaguars live at Wembley stadium after completing the reward rows programme.

Each participant must complete a booklet to monitor their personal achievements in:

- Joining in their community
- Academic improvement
- Governing behavior
- Sport and nutrition

Everything I’ve seen so far in terms of Edstart’s delivery, their relationships with schools and the community is everything the Jaguars want to be a partner of.

Ryan Moore
Jacksonville Jaguars UK

All of the Edstart staff give 100% every day and nothing is ever too much for them. The specialist coaches they use for sports such as JagTag, really help give the children an opportunity to flourish and learn new skills.

Mrs Garrity
Assistant Headteacher, Newhey Primary School

The children receive a consistent, fun and inclusive programme of studies in a tumult of different sports and disciplines - particularly Edstart’s JagTag programme. The children are really engaged in lessons and progress in PE is evident.

Mr McGowan
Year 5 teacher, Newhey Primary School
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