Fuel every child's body and brain, and start each day with a success.

Kick start your day off right

An active beginning to the day will kick start the body and brain for a productive day of school. Our breakfast clubs will develop a healthy attitude towards active lifestyles, improve pupils skill level across a number of sports and ensure that they are hitting the required 30 minutes of physical activity for the day. By the time morning registration comes, children will be feeling energised and raring to go!

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Edstart are always happy to change and tweak plans to benefit our students, who are usually desperate to be involved in any clubs they provide.

Mr Knowles
PE Coordinator, Hamer Community Primary School

I love Edstart because it is such a good little club to go to when you get bored and you play loads of awesome sports. You will love it!

Year 3 pupil

The difference at lunchtime is phenomenal with so many children occupied and engaged in quality activities in a structured yet fun way. It’s great to see their confidence develop in a wide range of sporting opportunities.

Mrs. L. Kelly
Headteacher, St Elizabeth’s Catholic Primary School
Let's kick things off
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A boy swinging a cricket bat towards a ball.A boy swinging a cricket bat towards a ball.