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Meet Liam

Liam Conway is the Area Manager of Stockport and has been passionate about sports from an early age. Now part of the Edstart team, Liam aims to influence the next generation through sharing his enthusiasm and knowledge of sports.

Liam wants to help the community by helping children get active, whilst improving their physical and mental wellbeing. Liam is also a qualified Nutritionist and wants to utilise this knowledge in his teaching to educate children on living healthy lifestyles.

Children in a huddle deciding on a play to carry out in JagTag.

The difference at lunchtime is phenomenal with so many children occupied and engaged in quality activities in a structured yet fun way. It’s great to see their confidence develop in a wide range of sporting opportunities.

Mrs. L. Kelly
Headteacher, St Elizabeth’s Catholic Primary School

I enjoy Edstart sessions because we get to play lots of fun sports at lunchtime with plenty of variety. It’s always fair and something that I get excited for each day!

Year 6 pupil

I love JagTag because it’s a fun, super exciting game I never knew existed! The teams are always fair and it's always good to learn new sports to help us learn new skills.

Year 6 pupil
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