Make the most of your holiday, with a fun-filled, week-long celebration of sport and games.

Hop, skip and jump into your holiday

Our holiday clubs are an action packed week of fun and entertainment that give children the chance to explore a host of activities, build lasting friendships and learn lots of new skills. We have active holiday clubs to cater for every child. So whether you are directing children to one of our existing clubs or looking to run a new Edstart Holiday club at your school, your pupils will love it!

For any budding dancers or gymnasts we have our Gymfusion holiday club incorporating elements of both disciplines and building to an end of week performance for family members to show off all of their new found talents. Football stars of tomorrow will love our Soccer Superstars Club and future Olympians may find their sport at our Sporting Superstars week which covers an array of sports for children to try out.

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Five stars from me! Can’t wait for the next school holidays for the boys to come home and show me more new skills they have learned, and that they’re making new friends and lots of memories.


My favourite sports are dodgeball, football and diamond cricket. Edstart is the perfect place to make friends and be happy during the school holidays.  

Year 4 pupil

Edstart Holiday Club is simply brilliant! Fabulous staff, excellent activities + value for money = happy children and happy parents. Thanks so much for all your efforts.

Let's kick things off
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