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PE Provision

Learning the FUNdamentals

PE provision is delivered by skilled and specialist sports coaches from EdStart. All coaches are qualified at degree level in a Sports Coaching or PE related field and all hold a range of National Governing Body Coaching qualifications across a range of sports.

We offer a broad and varied curriculum and supply schools with ongoing evidence of teaching and learning by providing them with schemes of work, lesson plans and pupil assessments.

Foundation - Key Stage 1 PE

It is essential that all children are given an opportunity to develop a positive approach to PE at this early stage in their school lives. We deliver sessions in a fun and engaging environment where children have the opportunity to develop their co-ordination, control, manipulation and movement. Our balanced programme of activities is provided, using games, movement and gymnastics. Using the National Curriculum as a framework, we can teach children the knowledge, skills and understanding necessary in Key Stage 1.

A group of kids in a sports class wearing Edstart T-shirts.

Key Stage 2 PE

During this stage, children are encouraged to further develop their positive approach to PE following development in Key Stage 1. They will have the opportunity to explore and develop their knowledge and techniques from a wide range of sports and PE activities. Throughout the academic year, our balanced programme of activities will include: games (invasion, striking and fielding, as well as net and wall games), gymnastics, dance, outdoor adventures and athletics. The programme places a firm emphasis on enjoyment and development of health and fitness, for all children to establish a long lasting interest in maintaining healthy lifestyles.

A group of kids in a football class.
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