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Kids 4 Kids

What is Kids 4 Kids?

Every teacher knows the boost a child can receive from the recognition in an award, which is why we created our Edstart Kids 4 Kids Awards scheme.

We believe in recognising effort just as much as sporting talent. These awards give children a chance to shine even though they might not often see the limelight. Kids 4 Kids isn’t about performance… It’s about trying hard and looking out for others.

Edstart Kids 4 Kids Awards logo with a girl performing a yoga pose.

Do you know someone who...

Gives it their very
best in PE and sport


Supports their
teammates in games

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Celebrate in style

Winning children will receive some Edstart sports goodies! As well as being entered into our exciting regional end of year award, going up against other schools to win exciting prizes from our partners.

An illustration of a Kids 4 Kids Awards trophy decorated with stars.

“Recognition from peers helps create a fantastic team environment. Every team has many unsung heroes but Kids 4 Kids Awards encourage children to see qualities in each other such as hard work, kindness, and resilience. I always look forward to school visits to present the awards and fantastic prizes, while sharing my experiences as a Paralympic Gold Medallist.”

Ayaz Bhuta
Gold Medal Paralympian - Wheelchair Rugby

“It’s a privilege to be a part of the Kids 4 Kids Awards initiative. Seeing young people recognised and acknowledged for the little things that may go a miss is absolutely huge. It instils a mindset which promotes looking out for others and develops two major skills that I, myself am very passionate about – empathy and teamwork.”

Azeem Amir
Professional Blind Football Player for England

“I love the Kids 4 Kids scheme, recognising effort and application is so important. This applies in all aspects of life, not just sport and activities. As a Professional Footballer I have heard so many times that talent only gets you so far, but effort and determination can take you all the way. It is so true! I'm so pleased to be able to support this idea with Edstart!”

Will Ferry
Professional Footballer

“A child who is not always confident in sport but always encourages others, or the child that isn’t as skilled as others but always tries their best no matter what, never realising how their positive behaviour impacts others until now… Seeing these ‘small’ things celebrated leads to children being more positive and appreciative of their abilities whatever they are. Kids 4 Kids Awards empowers our children to be more aware of how even the smallest of actions can make the biggest of impacts.”

Genevieve Collins
European Gold Medal Powerlifter