Extended Schools

Check out our amazing extended schools programmes. They’re suitable for all abilities with the focus on developing skills in a fun environment! If you’re a school looking to run a club not listed below get in touch as we are always looking to extend the services we offer to meet your specific needs.


Develop a love for all types of sports from invasion games to net and wall, play tennis one week and the next play dodge ball. Master a new set of skills each week and become the perfectly rounded sports boy or girl!


Learn the joys of movement and master choreography across various types of dance. Perfect for all abilities from beginner to advanced!


A perfect environment for developing body control and coordination. Apply these skills to both floor and apparatus work and develop a love for gymnastics from an early age.


Develop a passion for all aspects of the beautiful game at our football clubs. Master new skills, try them out in match play scenarios and learn the valuable art of teamwork.


Whether you’re a budding Olympian or just have a love of track and field! Find out whether you’re the next Usain Bolt on the track or a great all-rounder like Jessica Ennis-Hill!

Tag Rugby

A great introduction to the sport of rugby and a sport in its own right! Tag Rugby is brilliant fun and great for developing any number of skills from hand/eye coordination, agility, fitness and teamwork!


Improve skills on the court and develop an understanding of this fast paced game. We can’t promise there’ll be many slam dunks happening but dribbling, passing and shooting techniques are sure to improve!

Family Fitness

Being active is important for the whole family! Do it together with our family fitness club. Improve fitness levels through transferrable functional movements.