Health & Fitness

“We believe optimal overall health is a basic right for every child in this country.  The importance of providing future generations with the tools to take ownership of their own health and fitness as they grow into adults has long been undervalued.  EdStart’s Health and Fitness Programme will change this” 

Chris Irwin (EdStart Managing Director)

EdStart Health and Fitness is an innovative programme designed to improve the overall health of primary school children and teach the benefits of healthy lifestyles. Through fitness based sessions and theoretical teachings the programme aims to:

  • improve children’s overall health
  • build lasting positive attitudes towards health and fitness training concepts
  • empower children to make informed choices surrounding their health as they grow
  • achieve greater levels of sporting performance

Practical sessions target improvements across a number of components of fitness including cardiovascular endurance, strength endurance, explosive power, agility and flexibility as well as introducing children to a number of different training methods.  Engaging sessions- scalable for all abilities- ensure all children are able to achieve on a continual basis and progress at their own optimal rate.

Additional teachings on topics including nutrition, healthy liquids, sleep and suppleness give children a comprehensive awareness of what contributes to an overall healthy lifestyle and will allow them to apply this to their own routines.

Children’s fitness progressions will be tracked throughout the year over a rolling eight week cycle.  This quantifiable data will allow for accurate assessment of a child’s development and also give them the opportunity to gain a better understanding of setting SMART goals.

If you would like more information on EdStart’s Health and Fitness Programme or would like to enquire about running the programme in your school contact:

EdStart Head Office
0161 736 4087