EdStart Foundation

EdStart Foundation

The EdStart Foundation is a charitable organisation that aims to tackle specific difficulties and issues that affect the lives of young people. By achieving this we intend to break down the barriers for those young people that have been effected by such society’s inequalities. Below are the 4 key areas that we as an organisation are going to target:

Education and Training

The foundation will look provide education and training which will eventually lead to potential employment opportunities for young people, starting from supporting the children in our specialist education schools develop their employability skills to helping to fund EdStart’s apprenticeship scheme for 18-20 year olds.

Community Sport

Sport is a key component in the improvement of many different areas of society; therefore we aim to use the power of sport to its maximum potential to empower the lives of young people. We aim to achieve this by setting up and running a number of community sports projects ranging from providing sports coaching to local primary schools including curriculum PE, breakfast, dinnertime and afterschool clubs to holiday clubs in more disadvantaged communities where those children may not have the opportunity to mix with other children and play a number of different sports.

Health and Fitness

As it is commonly known health and fitness is a key issue in our country and as an organisation we have a passion for improving this imbalance, starting with children at primary school age. We aim to educate children about healthy lifestyles and also be able to run health and fitness programmes in local primary schools which benefits those children by giving them a positive outlook on fitness and exercise through the use of the EdStart fitness app.

Social Improvement

Another passion of ours is giving young children every opportunity to improve and develop their social skills with other people from their same community. We will provide support for the young people at our specialist education schools to enhance their ability to work with and integrate with others. We will also create and run projects and programmes that bring children together and develop their ability to work with each other, which are skills that will benefit them throughout later life.