Ten Tips to Get Your Kids Active Over Summer

Recent reports have shown that the summer holidays can be a time when children become unfit. It’s been shown that children can lose up to 80% of the fitness ability, that they’ve built up over the course of the school year.

Research carried out by UK Active measured 400 pupils before and after the summer holidays by calculating their running speeds – finding that they were significantly more exhausted after the summer break.

Taking this into account, this week we’re focusing on some top ways to help you keep children’s fitness levels up over the long summer holidays:

  1. Swap driving with walking, cycling or going on a scooter – an ideal time to do this is when taking your children to visit their school friends.
  2. Take a trip to the beach – after all, we do live on an island, so we’re never too far from the coast! There’s some brilliant beaches in Formby, less than an hour’s drive from Manchester, where children can climb sand dunes and run along the beach.
  3. Fly a kite! Even a cheap kite can keep children entertained for hours whilst they run around the park.
  4. Take a free walking tour of Manchester – it’s a great way to get the kids out and about, plus there’s lots to learn about the city’s past too.
  5. Can’t separate them from the screen? Take the screen out and about! After the massive success of Pokemon GO last year, there are many augmented reality apps you can try – designed to get you and you children off the sofa and into the great outdoors instead.
  6. Take the dog for a walk! If you’ve not got one, don’t worry – ask family, friends or someone on your street if you can take their pooch to the park.
  7. Train them up! There’s a 5km Big Fun Run in Manchester on 20th August and it’s open to all ages. Plenty of time to get training.
  8. Get climbing trees. There are loads of benefits for kids to climb trees, from stress reduction to appreciation of nature – just make sure you watch them at all times!
  9. Plan a treasure hunt – whether it’s in your garden or in the park, hiding a few items for the children to find is a great way to keep them entertained and energised.
  10. Of course, above all else – we’d recommend joining a fully-fledged summer club like the clubs we run here at EdStart. We’ve got all sorts on, just have a look through our blog post to find out more about all the different clubs we run but you’d better be quick, we’re very close to being fully booked.

Have a fantastic summer everyone!

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