Getting the Most Out of Increased Sports Premiums

The sports premium is doubling from September – but did the uncertainty about budgets leave your school without enough time to plan for sports provision for the new school year?

What you need to know about changes to sports premiums:

  • The government has pledged to increase primary school sports funding from £160m to £320m in 2017-18.
  • The budget comes from extra funds raised from the new tax on sugary drinks.
  • With the old pot of £160 million, each primary school received £8,000 to spend on sport programmes, with £5 added for every pupil.
  • The new amount of £320 million will double individual allocations to £16,000.
  • This change was only confirmed at the end of last term, leaving schools little time to plan beyond the previous year’s budget.

Purpose of primary school sports funding: what to consider

Schools must spend the additional funding on improving their provision of PE and sport, but you have the freedom to choose how your school does this.


By the end of primary school, all children should be physically literate and with the knowledge, skills and motivation to equip them for a healthy lifestyle and long-term participation in physical activity and sport.


  • All pupils to receive 30 minutes’ physical education every day and a further ½ hour of more informal physical activity.
  • Teachers and staff to have better knowledge about sport and physical education – and resources to support them.
  • The benefits of sport and P.E. to be made prominent across schools, with the aim of whole school improvement.


  • Schools are increasingly being held to account about how they spend sports premium funding.
  • Ofsted has increased the coverage of PE and sport within the ‘Inspectors’ handbook’ and PE and sport will be assessed as part of the school’s overall performance.
  • Accountability is only set to increase: a year into the increased allocation, Ofsted will carry out a survey reporting on the first year’s expenditure of additional funding and its impact.
  • Schools will need to share details of their PE and sport provision on their website, with details of their broader curriculum, so parents can compare sports provision between schools, both within and beyond the school day.

EdStart’s sport software solution:

At EdStart, providing outstanding sports provision goers beyond hitting targets.  We:

  • Support schools with full coverage of the primary P.E. curriculum.
  • Offer a wide range of extended school provision including fun before school, lunch clubs, afterschool clubs and holiday club programmes.
  • Offer teacher support through a P.E. mentoring scheme.
  • Deliver high quality inter- and intra-school competitions as part of the EdStart Games.
  • Supply EdStart Fitness software which provides innovative, first-of-its-kind health and fitness software that specifically targets children’s fitness.
    • Demonstrates fast-track improvements in children’s fitness levels with performance progression analysis.
    • Offers lesson plans and support for teachers, with a virtual fitness coach and classroom based resources centred around healthy lifestyle choices.

If you’d like to know more about the sports premium then do let us know and we’ll be happy to help:

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