Get Moving This Summer with EdStart Summer Clubs

School is very nearly out for the summer and it is time for the kids to run wild! It has been said that children’s fitness deteriorates throughout the Summer, as many turn to their screens for entertainment. Give the kids a chance to fully enjoy their long sunny days by keeping them active at one of our many clubs. You never know, it might even tire them out for bedtime!

Gym Fusion – Here, the children will be able to fuel their passion for gymnastic and dance, with this combined class. After a week of rehearsals, they will be able to showcase their talents in a special show that will take place for all the parents on the Friday afternoon.

Soccer Superstars – In this football focused club, future stars of England will be able to master their skills in a range of activities. Techniques covered include passing, shooting, dribbling, attacking, defending and goalkeeping. Not to mention, there’ll be several games, matches and tournaments for them to get involved in!

Sporting Superstars – A camp designed for the ultimate sport lover, where the kids get to try their hand at a variety of sporting activities over the week. These include football, basketball, rugby, tennis, hockey, volleyball, cricket and more. During this time children will prepare for a special tournament on Friday by harnessing a new skill in each field of sport.

Venue: Broadoak Primary School, Swinton (open to children from all schools)

You can find out where and when we’re running our clubs on the EdStart website, just click on the Clubs link then it’s easy to book online.

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