Five Minutes with: EdStart’s New PE Co-Ordinator – Abby Towriss

Abby tells her story of how she came to work at EdStart, what she loves about her job and what she’s looking forward to in her new role.

How did you first get involved in EdStart?

I’ve worked as a full-time EdStart sports coach since January, which I’ve absolutely loved. I really enjoy working with kids – they’ve got bags of energy and are always ready to get up & go. I also love working in sports, so working as a EdStarts sports coach in primary schools was the perfect fusion of my two passions.

This must have reflected in my work, as it was from my role as an EdStart sports coach that I was promoted to PE co-ordinator!

How did you meet Chris

I met Chris Irwin (EdStart MD) during a staff meeting, we talked about sports coaching and realised we had a lot in common – our views on getting kids motivated, trying new sports and keeping things fresh during are really inline.

Tell us about a typical day at EdStart?

It’s jam packed full of fun: we play a whole host of different sports, with loads of different children from all sorts of backgrounds. They always keep me on my toes!

I enjoy going to different schools throughout the day – helping children learn about new sports, soak up new skills and seeing them develop along the way.

What’s your proudest moment at EdStart?

One of my most memorable experiences has got to be when I was at Mossfield Primary and I was showing one of the children how to perform a cartwheel. It took her a few attempts but once she got it, she was absolutely chuffed – she couldn’t thank me enough!

What are the best and worst bits about the job?

The best bit has got to be watching children progress every session, kids are fast learners and so it’s great to see them improve – whatever their starting ability.

The worst bit is when it’s raining outside and we’ve got to stay inside; usually in the assembly hall. We’ve got to be quiet in the hall and believe me: it’s not an easy task keeping a group of excitable kids playing sports and running around quiet!

Are you looking forward to becoming the new Sports Co-ordinator?

I’m really looking forward to taking more responsibility, it’s something I feel completely ready to take on and I’m eager to get started. I can’t wait to help out staff progress – both on an individual level but also as a team, to see the whole of EdStart go from strength to strength.

What about outside of EdStart, what do you get up to?

I enjoy going to the gym, and socialising with friends. I also go for long walks with my dog and any chance I get I’m listening to music, I’m always listening to music!

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