Fighting fit: The All-Party Parliamentary Group reception on a Fit & Healthy Childhood

EdStart’s MD Chris Irwin attended an All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) reception this week, which marked the launch of the group’s report on a Fit and Healthy Childhood.

With childhood obesity hitting the headlines so often recently, professionals and politicians alike are advocating the importance of a healthy diet. This is only part of the solution, however: when it comes to keeping kids healthy, fitness and a positive attitude to exercise are equally important. At EdStart, we have long been advocates of keeping kids active, and we’re not alone, with industry experts calling for the Government to support this message.

The report argues that the Government must promote fitness as well as healthy eating. After the recommendations of 2016’s Child Obesity Strategy were drastically cut, the APPG demanded a review, with greater emphasis on physical activity.

Although we saw an increase in sports premiums for primary schools recently, the report discussed at the reception showed that the majority of funding is being allocated to healthy eating schemes.

Here at EdStart, we know that the ideal place to start investing in childhood health and fitness is from early development, in pre-school years and this should be the start of embedding a positive attitude for a life-long journey.

Here are some of the points the APPG report covers:

  • The nature and diversity of current provision
  • How government, local authorities, voluntary organisations and business can best promote a rich offer of physical activity opportunities
  • The relevance of physical activity to children with a mental/physical impairment
  • Socioeconomic issues, ethnic diversity and the planning system as they affect the provision of physical activity opportunities
  • The importance of continued professional development and training for primary school teachers who deliver PE lessons.
  • How vital it is to raise awareness of how important it is to keep children fit alongside promoting the message of healthy eating.

Chris said: ‘The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) reception was extremely interesting and it was great to hear the views of fellow industry and health professionals. At EdStart we’re passionate about keeping the fight against obesity and the importance of fitness and healthy eating high on the agenda. There’s no better time to start working with children than during early years development, and we’re keen to keep growing our pre-school programmes.’

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