Broadoak Pupils Prove They Can Talk the Talk AND Walk the Walk!

We recently visited Broadoak Primary over in Swinton in Manchester for the EdStart Health & Fitness Fortnight. It was a fun filled time with a serious message about getting kids fit and healthy. In just six weeks, students at Broadoak had managed to raise their fitness levels by 12% – so that was really something to celebrate.

Whilst we were there, we spoke to a few different students about their experience of Health & Fitness Fortnight – what they liked about the event, what their favourite sports/exercises are and their thoughts about keeping fit.

Joe – Aged 11

First up, we’ve got Joe: he’s a big rugby fan and explains why his love for playing the sport gives him the opportunity for a much-needed bit of rough and tumble, as a contact sport.

He’s been really enjoying the Daily Mile and he says it helps motivate him throughout the day – not to mention keeps him healthy.

He’s very complimentary about the EdStart coaches sense of humour – he says they make some really funny jokes when coaching… we’ve not heard them yet but we trust your judgement, Joe!

Lucy – Aged 11

Next, we’ve got Lucy in the hot seat. Lucy loves her football but she’s not just out for the trophies – she enjoys the teamwork that comes with the game, working together as one rather than as individuals.

Like Joe, she’s also keen on the Daily Mile because it keeps her active and keeps her muscles moving.

She says exercise keeps her motivated and shares one of her favourite EdStart memories: when she played an unbelievably good game of kick rounders – managing to catch the ball an incredible three times!

Tyler – Aged 10

Last but not least, we have Tyler. Now, Tyler isn’t too caught up with the traditional sports – dodgeball is his passion.

When he’s not dodging and weaving on the dodgeball court, you can catch him – well, you can try – doing the Daily Mile. Though you really will have a tough time catching up with him, in the 15 allocated minutes; Tyler is running further than a mile.

When he’s not out playing sport or exercising with his friends, Tyler likes to exercise at home too – whilst other people might sit around in front of the TV, not Tyler – he’s up and active as he’s watching!

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